As you can see the group is growing and we are beginning to get a unified direction and some organization. We are all of the same heart to be able to reach out and help others as well as get the knowledge of the group to the public. We realize the many needs we will face and gladly look forward to the challanges ahead. Join us on the second Tuesday of each month.

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Sweet Harlie and a day with the Llama's. Meeting Harlie shortly after an injury and damage caused an amputation through the knee at 3 years has been a blessing. The resiliency of Harlie and her grandparents has been a wonderful thing to be a part of. While these phots are a few years old I will leave them here as they truly touched our family to be able to share in this time.


MMMMM MMMMMM GOOD, what a wonderful meal at our last meeting. THANKS TO THE KEY FAMILY FOR THEIR LOVE.
We will be adding more photos of group members in the near future. We are currently working on a page that will give an upclose and personal look into the members of our group by telling their stories. In order to further our effort to reach out to the community and other amputees we want to make ourselves available for those in need of support in any way.